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A member asked:

How do doctors know if i child has a head injury?

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Dr. Anatoly Belilovsky
Pediatrics 36 years experience
We don't...: ...You do, or whoever saw the child get hurt. We do know how serious a head injury may be, by something called the glasgow coma scale: http://www.Unc.Edu/~rowlett/units/scales/glasgow.Htm we use that to decide how to manage the injury. Of course, if there is an obvious wound, that will need to be treated as well.
Dr. Adam Lewis
Dr. Adam Lewis commented
Neurosurgery 36 years experience
A relatively minor blow to the head can cause a concussion. In children this is often manifested by nausea, vomiting and imbalance. In addition, the child may become lethargic and complain of headache.
Sep 7, 2013
Dr. Chaim Colen
Dr. Chaim Colen commented
Neurosurgery 20 years experience
I agree With Dr. Louis . As a neurosurgeon I commonly see multiple head injuries including pedis. Nausea/vomiting is Commonly associated.
Sep 11, 2013
Dr. Lisa Roberts
Pediatrics 24 years experience
Vomiting,other signs: If your baby falls and hits his head, and then subsequently has ongoing periods of vomiting, he should be evaluated. Other signs of concern can be: loss of consciousness, lethargy, severe pain/unconsoleable child, loss of movement of an extremity, seizure after fall, loss of developmental milestones, unequal pupils or movements of the eyes. Any of these symptoms require immediate care.
Dr. James Goodrich
Neurosurgery 40 years experience
Head injury: Loss of consciousness with a fall or a blow to the head is the most common side of a serious head injury. An associated skull fracture can also be a secondary serious findings. So if a child has a fall with no loss of consciousness or fracture the likely hood of a serious brain injury is low.

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Dr. Eric Weisman
Neurology 37 years experience
Many: Crankiness, sleepiness, agitation, change in appetite, confusion, lapses, seizures can occur. Any change from the norm should prompt medical attention.

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