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Why would someone have blood in stool? i don't have insurance and can't afford a doctor. if i had a hard bowel movement right before, and it stops after, i should be ok, right?

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Probably: Sounds like a possible hemorrhoid or fissure. Besides these, u can have blood from infection or inflammation or cancer. It would still be good idea to get checked out.

Answered 5/10/2013


Dr. Joseph Bouvier answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

Blood in the stool: Can be due to many things but also, sometimes we can get fooled by material that looks like blood. If you are having hard stools, the likely reason why you may have blood is either hemorrhoids or a rectal fissure. Eliminating the constipation can help stop the ectal fissurs from reforming but hemorrhoids are another matter. However, there are other more significant causes. Still try to be seen.

Answered 9/10/2019



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