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I have shortness of breath sometimes, could it to be a blood clot in the lungs?

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Dr. Ted King answered

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Possibly: Generally, if you have a blood clot in your lungs, you will be short of breath all of the time. It is also common to have some pain in your chest, a fast pulse, and be sweaty and have clammy feeling skin. A cough is common too. If you have a painful, swollen leg or at risk for having a blood clot and have some of those symptoms, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Answered 7/7/2012


Dr. Wendell Goins answered

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Maybe: There are numerous causes of shortness of breath, some are: pulmonary embolism(like one of our tennis stars!), heart failure or coronary artery disease, lung diseases (asthma, copd, interstitial lung problems, pneumonia). It may even be the result of poor conditioning. Rec seeing a dr to rule out the more serious problems.

Answered 2/23/2014



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