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Any problems in women over 60 who resume hormone replacement therapy?

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Dr. Alvin Lin answered

Yes!: Over a decade ago, women's health initiative turned hormone replacement on its ear. Initially, we told everyone to throw the baby out w/bath water. Now, a decade later, we're beginning to think that hrt is only bad if you start it 5-10yrs post-menopause when you have no good reason (if you're asymptomatic, you don't need it) & just want to protect "something". Whi shows there's no prevention.

Answered 6/29/2019


Dr. Andre Berger answered

Specializes in Cosmetic Surgery

Yes: The risks and benefits of such therapy must be evaluated on a case by case basis by an experienced physician. Hormone replacement is a general term and may include a number of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, hgh, dhea, pregnenolone, oxytocin, melatonin, thyroid, cortisol. The key is effective and safe treatment. This requires ongoing medically supervised treatment.

Answered 10/29/2014



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