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A 35-year-old member asked:

How many milligrams of vitamin d do you need per day?

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Dr. Susan Wingo
Endocrinology 34 years experience
It varies: Vitamin d is usually described in iu (international units) rather than in mg. 600 iu, the suggested intake for adults in the us, is equivalent to 15 micrograms (mcg), or 0.015 milligrams (mg). This may be affected by sunlight exposure or GI conditions causing decrease absorption. However, once a deficit exists, it make take thousands of ius per day to correct the deficiency.
Dr. Robert Lang
Dr. Robert Lang commented
Internal Medicine - Endocrinology 53 years experience
The Endocrine Society came out with new recommendations in July, 2011: 1500-2000 IU for adults.
Oct 9, 2011
Dr. Gary Pess
Hand Surgery 41 years experience
600 iu: 600 iu is the recommended supplement dose.

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A 41-year-old member asked:

How many glasses of vitamin d milk should I drink per day?

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Dr. Robert Lang
Internal Medicine - Endocrinology 53 years experience
0-4: If you are drinking it for the vitamin d, you would need 5 quarts to get what is the minimum for most adults, that is 2000 units daily. If for calcium, each glass has about 300 mg of calcium so intake would depend on your age and sex. It is best to spread out the calcium source because the ingested calcium lasts only 6-12 hours. At low intakes, the body will take it from bone.
A 38-year-old member asked:

How much vitamin d do you need per day?|

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Dr. Danny Proffitt
Family Medicine 44 years experience
1-2 grams: It appears that most publications recommend a daily amount of 1-2 grams a day. You may need more depending on age, bone mass and amount of dietary vitamin d and sunshine your get. Talk to your pcp about this. You may need more, you may not need any. My dose seem mostly accepted.

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Last updated Jun 10, 2014

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