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A 25-year-old member asked:

Are there any supplements for adrenal fatigue?

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Dr. Cayce Jehaimi
Pediatric Endocrinology 22 years experience
Formal testing: Only by performing formal dynamic adrenal stimulation (so called acth stimulation test) that a full assessment of the adrenal-pituitary axis be assessed and be determined if cortisol (or its equivalent) supplementation is needed. The is no medical literature to date to support the notion that use of adrenal "by product" remedies (available over the counter with no prescription) are helpful.
Dr. David Geffner
Endocrinology 55 years experience
No: "adrenal fatigue" is a bogus diagnosis made up by eccentric practitioners in order to sell nostrums. If you think you have real adrenal insufficiency go to a real endocrinologist to get tested. Do not rely on spit tests.
Dr. Michael Rothman
Internal Medicine 36 years experience
Feed your adrenals : Cortisol - as are all corticosteroids is derived from cholesterol. Studies have shown that a high saurated fat, low polyunsaturated fat diet will increase corticosteroid levels. Also supplementation with pregnenolone will increase ability of your adrenals to make cortisol, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone and other corticoids. Reduce all forms of stress. Get sleep and sunlight.

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Ashland, OH
A 51-year-old male asked:

What is the best herb or supplement for adrenal fatigue ?

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Dr. Shabbir Hossain
Internal Medicine 17 years experience
Adrenal fatigue?: Never heard of this term. Can you please be more specific.

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