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T3 (liothyronine) uptake and t4 thyroxine and free t4 index are normal, but tsh is4.65 and per the lab that is high. the highest normal is 4.5. what does this mean?

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Subclinical: Lab results are consistent with a diagnosis of subclinical hypothyroidism representing very mild and early case of hypothyroidism. I would recommend repeating your blood test first. If these results are confirmed many doctors would recommend thyroid replacement although there is some controversy about the need for treatment. If no treatment thyroid function test should be rechecked in the future.

Answered 3/14/2019


Dr. Ira Katz answered

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Once - Nothing!: Any symptoms? Sublinical hypothyroid or nothing. This is an odd combo of tests as T4 & FTI essential measure the same thing. Your TSH is just above normal & there is sometimes variability in the test. I would suggest, repeat testing by an endocrinologist about 2 weeks after this one, with antithyroid antibodies. If (+) closer monitoring, if (-) less close f/u. Fam Hx also important. Don't worry!

Answered 3/14/2019



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