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Having chest pain, shortness of breath(3 months)ekg,echo,stress,ca score,and blood work all normal. what could it be? can i stop worrying about heart?

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Dr. Lee Wittenberg answered

Specializes in Podiatry

Chest Pain: If all of your cardiac and blood work is normal, you may be suffering from an inflammatory condition called Costochondritis-inflammation of the tissues surrounding and between your ribs. It could also be peri-carditis or Pleuracy, the inflammation of the lining around the lungs and heart. Ask your doctor to try a Medrol (methylprednisolone) Dose Pack, a 1 week tapered dose of prednisone, which will help those proble

Answered 5/22/2016


Dr. Neal Kraus answered

Specializes in Hospital-based practice

Unlikely heart: The odds are in your favor significantly that you can stop worrying about your heart. The probability even without such extensive testing for someone your age is very low for your chest pain and shortness of breath being due to a heart abnormality. I would begin looking into pulmonary issues as an alternative; however, I think learning relaxation techniques is more likely to provide benefit.

Answered 1/14/2015



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