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What would you say are the main arguments against having any vaccinations?

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Dr. Mark Patterson answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

None valid: In my opinion, vaccines are second only to clean water in being responsible for the improvement of the health of people worldwide. The anti-vaccine movement is based on fear and ignorance, not science. Vaccines have prevented the deaths of tens of millions of children throughout the world. Please make the intelligent decision to vaccinate yourself and your children.

Answered 7/21/2017


Dr. Yash Khanna answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Main arguement no/va: Main argument is ill conceived in childhood vaccination is and was inspite of all the evidence against it is that vaccinations cause autism especially MMR vaccine and others which contain thimersal as preservative. This stated with a publication of erroneus so called study which linked MMR vaccine to autism, which has later been retracted by lancet as a misconduct. There is no evidence to support.

Answered 6/10/2014



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