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How does babys doctor test for tonsillitis?

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Dr. David Mann answered

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Tonsillitis: The first thing is a physical exam. The doctor can determine tonsillitis by one's symptoms and the physical exam. Next, a swab of the tonsil is often done to determine if the infection is due to strep. Or not. If infection is strep, then treatment with antibiotics is needed. If strep is not present then the doctor may not prescribe an antibiotic.

Answered 9/13/2015


Dr. Nadia Ghattas answered

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Strep test: After the pediatrician checks the baby, if the throat or tonsils are inflamed, a throat swab is taken & a quick strep test is done, result shows in 5 minutes, if positive the Dr will prescribe antibiotics. Make sure to give as prescribed & finish the course . If strep throat infection is not treated, it can cause serious complications such as Rheumatic fever & acute glomerulonephrtis & more.

Answered 10/11/2017



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