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My son 22 months old has a cold, nasal congestion. is there any nasal decongestant spray that would help. i am using the saline spray and otc zyrtec. ?

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Dr. Cindy Juster answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

Saline and suction.: The safest and most effective treatment is saline nose drops and suctioning. Elevating the head of the crib and using a humidifier help, too. Cold and cough medicines are proven ineffective and can have serious side effects, which is why the fda has been taking them off the market gradually. If this doesn't help, your child needs to see the doctor to see if it's more than a cold.

Answered 9/30/2020


Dr. Ratna Dhingra answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

Cool mist humidifier: you can use Nasacort--over the counter 1 spray in each nostril once a day for 3-4 days

Answered 9/11/2014


Dr. Amrita Dosanjh answered

Specializes in Pediatric Allergy and Asthma

Mgt of sx: If the symptoms are related to a virus, and if the congestion is associated with fever, or has lasted three weeks or longer, your physician can evaluate your son for a sinus infection. I agree that cool mist, nasal saline and nasal steroids help to alleviate inflammation of the nasal passages. If you son is allergic to dust, keeping the bedroom as free from dust, mattress/pillow covers.

Answered 2/22/2015



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