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Sir/mam.......i am 20 years old indian guy and my height is 5'4". my father height is 5'8" and mother is 5'3". is there any possibility of height incr?

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Dr. James Ferguson answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

Accept your height: Some kids continue to grow taller into their late teens or rarely early twenties but only when their bone maturity lags behind their age. If the growth centers of the long bones have fused, you cannot grow taller. A single x-ray of the wrist ; hand can yield a bone maturity.Most boys stop at 17. When you have reached bony maturity, you are done.

Answered 10/31/2014


Dr. Alan Kelly answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Probably not: You probably have reached your maximum height at age 20. There is a calculation to estimate future height in boys: [(mother's height + 5") + father's height] / 2 So [(63' + 5= 69) + 68"] / 2 = 68.5". So you could hope for 5'8.5", but you prob have reached your max height. You could get growth plate x-rays of your wrists to see if your growth plates have closed. Closed plates = no more height

Answered 10/9/2014



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