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I wake up in the morning with a funny taste in my mouth and spit out blood i got told it was poor hygiene is it true my gp gave me a mouth wash ?

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Dr. Edwin Ishoo answered

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Gingivitis: We dont know anything about you, not even your age let alone medical history, medications or dentogingival health. If your gp examined you and found evidence of peridental or gingival disease that is causing the bleeding and dysguesia then that is more reliable than our guesses. I suggest consulting a dentist.

Answered 9/28/2016


Dr. David Satloff answered

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Gum disease: Periodotal disease is a gram negative anaerobic rod bacteria and it causes bad tastes,odors and bleeding. See a dentist

Answered 9/28/2014


Dr. Arnold Malerman answered

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Bleeding gums: Indicates gum disease, bacterial infection of the gums. Often the infection is allowed to take hole, or is exacerbated by, poor oral hygiene. For example, brushing and/or mouthwash will not clean between teeth. You have to WaterPik or floss daily. Advisable to see a gum specialist, a Periodontist, to return you to optimum soft-tissue health. Then your General Dentist can help keep you that way

Answered 8/25/2017



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