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Hi,when breathing in hard i have a pain in what feels to be my back, it's worse if i'm bent over. only started after taking up martial arts. thanks?

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Dr. Alan Kelly answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Back or ribs?: The cause could be a bruise, cracked rib, cracked vertebrae, or a pinched thoracic nerve. I suppose it could be a pulmonary cause that is unrelated to your martial arts. Diagnosis depends on the exact location of pain & the pain characteristics. Is the pain directly over the vertebrae? Or more lateral over the posterior ribs? Do you have pulmonary symptoms? Write back or consult w/ details.

Answered 10/4/2016


Dr. William Schmidt answered

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Over did it.: Sounds like you really have been working hardon your martial arts. A small amount of ibuprofen taken with food may help but take a little time off and se if your muscle strain wers off. Last option is to see a sports medicine doctor.

Answered 9/6/2014



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