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After using ankle brace, i got pain in left arch. went to podiatrist and he gave me laser treatment and taped foot. still having pain in left arch.

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Flattening arch: Typically arch pain will present as pain with the first step in the morning or pain after sitting for any period of time. In addition to flattening of the arch, there may also be knee pain. An inflamed heel called plantar fasciitis is best treated with an orthotic arch support in addition to the treatment you received.

Answered 10/3/2015


Dr. Tharesh Udupa answered

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Weakness of the arch: Braces can help heal up after an injury. The side effect of a brace is that it can weaken the muscles and tendons that are being held in place by the brace. You may need to have physical therapy to the area to help strengthen and condition the foot and arch.

Answered 8/29/2014



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