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A 32-year-old male asked:

Can you take xanax (alprazolam) (.25) when starting celexa? (5mg)

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Dr. Eric Weisman
Neurology 37 years experience
Starting two meds?: If you are starting two new meds at once and have problems (side effects you wont know which one caused the problem. Conversely if you start two meds and feel great you won't know which one helped. I say this because you don't list the Xanax (alprazolam) as a baseline medication.
Dr. Heidi Fowler
Psychiatry 26 years experience
I agree with: earlier response. However, sometimes anxiety levels might actually increase a little when starting SSRI's (such as celexa). It can also take a while for the SSRI to take effect. That is why Benzodiazapines (such as Xanax) may be started at same time. However, people can develop tolerance to xanax (alprazolam) or other medications in it's class. The regular release form of xanax (alprazolam) comes w it's own unique dangers.
Dr. Heidi Fowler
Psychiatry 26 years experience
Provided original answer
When I can avoid prescribing two new medications at the same time - I do (for the same reasons stated by Dr. Weisman). However, it is accepted practice. Take care.
Aug 16, 2014
Dr. Alan Wartenberg
A Verified Doctor commented
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Seems like an extremely low dose of citalopram, where the usual starting dose is 10 - 20 mg. 5 mg may be used in someone who is extremely sensitive to drug effects, elderly or debilitated. I am not a fan of Xanax (alprazolam) because it gets in very quickly, and thus has great abuse potential, and also gets OUT very quickly, which reinforces using more and more. Clonazepam may be preferred.
Aug 16, 2014
Last updated Oct 12, 2016


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