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How often can i take ativan (lorazepam)? i was prescribed ativan (lorazepam) in june and have taken maybe 5-6 pills total spread throughout the last 2-3 months at .5mg per.

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Dr. Michael Lee answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Anxiety: generally Ativan (lorazepam) should not be taken more that 3-4 times per day. You should always talk to your doctor if you are feeling more anxious or need to take more of the medication.

Answered 6/23/2019


Dr. Natalie Sieb answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

It depends: Honestly,I don't feel comfortable giving you an answer that your prescribing physician may not agree with or feel comfortable with you increasing your dosing to.You really should probably talk to him/her as it is their license on the line and they know and understand your whole background much better than I or my fellow colleagues do.They may help decide you need to increase the frequency of dose

Answered 5/3/2018



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