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A 36-year-old member asked:

is it possible that long qt syndrome can be the cause for sudden infant death syndrome?

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Dr. Holly Maes
Pediatrics 36 years experience
Possibly QT: Sids is really just a term that means we really don't know what happened to your baby. It is indeed plausible that long qtc could be a cause, but it is certainly not the only one, because infants who have had ekg's for other reasons have gone on to die with "sids". Heart arrythmias are likely just one subset of things that may cause someone of any age to die suddenly. Be aware of family history.
Dr. Derrick Lonsdale
Preventive Medicine 73 years experience
YES: This is an ekg diagnosis and it means that there is an imbalance in the sympathetic (autonomic/automatic) innervation of the heart from the left stellate ganglion (the machnery that delivers control messages to the heart).. This important info was published years ago. It may respond to vitamin therapy and a more appropriate diet. See a nutritionist doctor.
Dr. James Ferguson
Pediatrics 46 years experience
Definitions matter: The full definition of the syndrome is sudden & unexplained infant death. If they were known to have prolonged QT it would not fit the definition. Four decades ago some cases of sepsis and metabolic disease were mislabeled SIDS . It could represent some.Many such ideas have been proposed aand looked at yet research is hampered by the unpredictable nature of the event.

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A member asked:

If I eat fatty foods, will my baby gain extra weight from my breast milk?

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Dr. Marcus Degraw
Pediatrics 22 years experience
No: No - your body will make the breast milk composition its meant to make as long as your body has enough of the basics. As long as you eat a balanced diet, you should be fine. In essence, you should feel free to eat or drnik anything you wish (with large restrictions to things like alcohol of course) and your baby will do well. Breastfeed is great - but enjoy your food as well!
A 29-year-old member asked:

Is it okay for me to diet and lose 10 kg if I am breastfeeding a 10-month-old baby?

1 doctor answer3 doctors weighed in
Dr. Jennifer Frank
Family Medicine 22 years experience
Yes: Yes but...You need to make sure you are still getting plenty of calories. I'd recommend doing the common sense things - eating healthy foods, exercising, but not going crazy with calorie restriction.
Lakeville, MN
A 30-year-old male asked:

Male infertility runs in my family. Is it possible to be tested prior to trying to have a baby?

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Dr. Alan Patterson
Obstetrics and Gynecology 42 years experience
Yes: Get a semen analysis at an infertilty office not a lab because an infertilty sub specilaist will have certified andrologist on staff to properly analyze the specimen.
Raymore, MO
A 37-year-old female asked:

What is sugg onp ros vs.Cons on intrathecal pain pumps? I have heard a lot of neg effects! from unproper pain releif 2 death! conceredw

2 doctor answers4 doctors weighed in
Dr. William Newton
Pain Management 19 years experience
Discuss with Doc: There are some minor surgical risks but most risks are long term. There is a chance for pump failure and also issues with the catheter becoming clogged or having excess tissue growing at the tip. Pumps are best for short term use in terminal cancer. These are always a last resort and are for those patients who require high dose narcotics and are having too many side effects to tolerate oral med.
A 44-year-old member asked:

In premature babies, sometimes the alveoli collapse. Is that rds?

1 doctor answer2 doctors weighed in
Dr. Nikolaos Zacharias
Maternal-Fetal Medicine 26 years experience
Yes.: That is exactly what underlies the neonatal respiratory distress syndrome - poor surfactant concentration leads to alveolar collapse in preemies. Prenatal Betamethasone helps prevent this complication.

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