A member asked:

Is the am cortisol of 0.7ug/dl under normal range if trying to conceive?does is present some health issues?thanks

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Dr. Melissa Haglund answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Not predictable: The AM serum cortisol is not extremely helpful without symptoms. Having said that, stress has a negative impact on successful conception and healthy pregnancy.

Answered 7/11/2014


Dr. Michael Fox answered

Specializes in Fertility Medicine

Unknown.: I doubt this is an issue but for general health you should probably seek medical endocrine consult for an acth stimulation test to see if your system can respond to stress. I don't really think that this would have a negative impact on fertility unless it's proven to be a consistent finding and severe deficiency. Even then i wonder about the significance. Best of luck

Answered 8/25/2014



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