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I took .5 mg of klonopin (clonazepam) at 8am and it didn't seem to agree with me, how long do i have to wait to go back to the 1 mg ativan?

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4 to 6 hours: How did it "not agree" with you? The clonazepam should be wearing off within 4 to 6 hours, at least enough that a previously well tolerated medication can be reintroduced.

Answered 5/11/2015


Dr. John Munshower answered

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Benzo's: They are both benzodiazepine medications and I wonder why you have both to begin with? Generally, you would be fine taking the other 8-12 hours after, but as stated, these medications need to be prescribed and monitored regularly by your dr. You need to call them to let them know the medications you have and for continuity of care. Best wishes.

Answered 6/27/2014



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