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A 21-year-old member asked:

what are the causes of colon cancer?

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Dr. Eric Kaplan
Colon and Rectal Surgery 42 years experience
Depends: 20% are genetically caused, the remainder being environmentally caused by some as yet unknown combination of exposures to various agents. The person who finds the actual answer will no doubt be on a south pacific island relaxing after having won the nobel prize. We just don't know in every case.
Dr. Liawaty Ho
Hematology and Oncology 23 years experience
Combination : Environmental and genetic factors can increase the likelihood of developing colorectal cancer. 70% of cases are sporadic cases, only about 10% is a true inherited cancer and approximately 25% is familial type. Some risk factors include- inflammatory bowel disease, dietary habit ( processed red meat), dm, alcohol, growth hormone, obesity, cigarette, immunosupressant , age, etc.
Dr. Le Wang
Dr. Le Wanganswered
Internal Medicine 36 years experience
Colon cancer: Nobody know for sure. However, recent studies showed genetic mutations in tumor suppressor gene such as apc can be detected in majority of sporadic colon cancer, while dna repair gene mutation account for some high risk colon cancer syndromes known as lynch syndrome. The risk factors include die (fat), alcohol/smoking, prior polyps, ibd, and family history, etc.
Dr. Douglas Brewer
Colon and Rectal Surgery 34 years experience
Very complicated: Monoclonal theory says that just like we are a living thing, we are born, we have jobs to do and then we die, each cell has a similar cycle of birth, life, and death. Cancer occurs when a cell develops so many mutations that it does not follow that cycle and does not die but can still divide itself and hides from our immune system which is there to detect abnormal cells and destroy them.

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A 25-year-old member asked:

What is the cause of colon cancer?

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Dr. Ritesh Rathore
Hematology and Oncology 30 years experience
Polyp formation: Polyp formation in the colon & rectum occurs due to certain risk factors such as western diet, obseity, genetic factors, etc. Ovewr tiem these polyps can grow and acquire mutations in the cells which then become cancerous and develop intoi a cancer.
Chicago, IL
A 29-year-old female asked:

Can parasite cause colon cancer ?

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Dr. Bassam Amawi
Psychiatry 49 years experience
Colon cancer?: Colon cancer is very common , specially if u have a family history of it . It is recommended that u do colonoscopy when u reach 40 , and if symptomatic.
A 38-year-old member asked:

What are the symptoms for colon cancer? What are the causes colon cancer?

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Dr. Sewa Legha
Medical Oncology 50 years experience
Rectal bleeding is c: Colon cancer can be entirely silent disease, producing little or no symptoms when early and localized to the bowel. So screening with colonoscopy in asymptomatic subjects is advised to look for polyps which are precursors of colon cancer. Rectal bleeding and abdominal pain can be symptoms of this cancer but they are often not early symptoms. The cause of colon cancer is not known.
A 42-year-old member asked:

What are the causes of colon cancer and how does it develop?

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Dr. Mark Hoepfner
General Surgery 39 years experience
Unknown: Uncertain as to what exactly causes any cancer, which is non-stop cell growth. Some risks are genetic, some are related to obesity, eating too much fatty foods, eating too much meat and not enough fruits and fibers, cigarette smoking, etc.
A 49-year-old member asked:

What are some common causes of colon cancer?

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Dr. Myron Arlen
Surgical Oncology 64 years experience
IBD, viruses: Colon cancer probably begins from the effect of exogenous factors on the bowel, considering that the patient does not have hereditary causes. A virus such as polyoma is probably a contributing factor along with carcinogens in the food. In addition patients with inflammatory bowel disease release, over a long period of time cytokines that can induce malignant transformation.

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