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A male asked:

My son is 14 and he has had back issue for 10 months. he diagnosed with a l5 stress fracture , its healed but stillin pain. back surgeon has no answer?

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Dr. Beth Brown
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Pain after fracture: Unfortunately, even after bones have healed, some people continue to have pain at the site of injury. There are many reasons for this, but there are things that can definitely help. Physical therapy is a must. Chronic back pain after injury is often due to continual aggravation of site from daily activities. A physiatrist (MD trained in musculoskeletal care) can also help with pain management.
Dr. Jalal Zuberi
Pediatrics 46 years experience
Time is great healer: Stress fractures can be a nuisance as the healing is generally slow, specially in the weight bearing bones like the spine and lower extremities. After the fracture has healed, it may take several additional weeks before your son is likely to be symptom free. In the meantime use rest and pain medicine as advised and avoid activities that put additional risk for repeat fractures.
Dr. Richard Mulvania
Specializes in Orthopedic Surgery
Spondylolysis: More likely than not, a 14 year old has a developmental condition called spondylolysis in which the bone growth centers do not unite in the pars interarticularis. This is not it the large part of the vertebra called the body, but near the pedicle and facet joints on either side which with the lamina form the ring around the spinal canal. I recommend avoiding lifting, twisting and turning.
Last updated Jul 1, 2018


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