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Head and neck shock feeling in back of my head it just started happening when it does my back tooth starts feeling funny its either a shock throbbing?

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Dr. Paul Grin answered

Specializes in Pain Management

Dental pain: referring to your head and neck. All pains about the mouth and the face to be of dental origin until proven otherwise. Dental infection due to tooth abscess, gum abscess or combination of both. It is a treatable condition. See your dentist for evaluation, x-rays and treatment. Most medical specialists cannot diagnose many cases of dental problems. Good luck.

Answered 5/9/2014



Have tooth checked: see your Dentist. May be a fractured, traumatically occluding, or infected tooth causing head/neck symptoms, or may be head/neck problem causing referred pin to tooth. Easiest thing to check is the tooth itself, so go see your Dentist.

Answered 11/7/2019



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