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Can an l5-s1 herniation cause numb toes in right foot? just the toes, not the foot or leg.

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Dr. Ashley Vanderloop answered

Specializes in Podiatry

Yes: S-1 compression can cause numbness in the toes and sole of the foot. L-5 compression can cause numbness in the anterior lateral aspect of the shin and posterior ankle region. There are specific exercises you can do to possibly alleviate the compression! Check with your doctor for a Physical Therapist consultation.

Answered 8/21/2017


Dr. Kornelis Poelstra answered

Specializes in Orthopedic Spine Surgery

L5-S1 Herniation: Disc herniations can give people a variety of symptoms; numbness and tingling can follow various routes in leg or arm and weakness usually has a more distinct pattern depending on the root(s) involved. Numb toes can very well be associated with your L5-S1 level, although there are possible other causes. Find a good PCP for a physical and possible imaging studies if indicated.

Answered 12/28/2017



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