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Does a lack of sleep lead to anemia?

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Dr. Sherin Ibrahim Howett answered

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No: Both lack of sleep and anemia can lead to feeling tired and fatigued. Anemia is caused by either blood loss, cell destruction or insufficient production. In women, iron deficiency anemia and excessive bleeding during menstruation are the most common causes. Lack of folate (folic acid) and vitamin B12 also cause a different form of anemia. There are also genetic diseases that result in anemia.

Answered 7/19/2018



Not really.: A lack of iron leads to anemia. If you have been diagnosed with anemia, treatment is fairly simple and routine. Anemia can be a contributing cause for poor sleep, so treating the anemia can improve sleep quality. A simple test can provide more information if a diagnosis has not yet been made. See a physician for definitive help.

Answered 2/24/2018



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