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Doctor my age is 19 and i am going to be bald fastly.i am so much worried please give me any oil that is good for my hair and prevent from balding?

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Dr. Robert Killian answered

Specializes in General Practice

No such thing: There is no such oil or over the counter product. Many people in the world use a medication known as Finasteride to help delay or postpone male pattern baldness.

Answered 6/25/2014


Dr. Heidi Fowler answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

Balding Prevention: You can't change your genetics. These tips may provide some benefit. Eat a nutritious diet to avoid deficiencies. Avoid hairstyles that pull hair tightly. Use gentle shampoo. Avoid hair dryers, permanents or curling irons. Consider use of a wide toothed comb. Consider acupuncture.

Answered 9/17/2017



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