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Symptoms of liver disease?

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Dr. Ramon Garcia-septien answered

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Jaundice: Also abdominal distention for ascitis abnormal liver enzyme in the blood test.

Answered 12/8/2016


Dr. Raj Borade answered

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Multiple symptoms: Liver disease has a multitude of symptoms. In the early phases it can be nonspecific like tiredness, lack of appetite ; energy, distaste for cigarettes, yellowish discolouration of eyes ; urine. With increasing loss of liver function, 1) fluid retention (belly/ankle swelling, 2) mental changes(confusion), 3) bleeding from the mouth or rectum, on in the skin. Hope this helps.

Answered 5/30/2019



Lots of choices: In esld (end-stage liver disease), much of liver has been replaced by scarring & may not repair itself. Has higher risk of liver cancer. If compensated, asymptomatic; get symptoms if progressive disease +/- alcohol. In acute liver disease however, common complaints include: jaundice (yellow eyes, skin; dark urine, light stool), itching, liver enlargement & RUQ pain, ascites, fluid build-up, more.

Answered 8/28/2018



Varied: In mild cases, the only symptoms may just be mild fatigue. More severe cases can result in jaundice (yellowing of the skin), ascites (fluid accumulation in the abdomen and legs) and encephalopathy (mental status changes).

Answered 1/27/2015



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