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How can i get rid of my addiction for feet? *(sexual addiction) thank you for reading.

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Dr. John Munshower answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Fetishes: Fetishes are very common, especially foot fetishes. You made the first step by admitting your fetish. If it affects you and is causing you distress knowing you have a foot fetish, or it is severe and affecting your relations with friends, than the next step is seeing your dr. And getting started with counseling and psychotherapy. Best wishes.

Answered 7/1/2022


Dr. Linda Callaghan answered

Specializes in Addiction Medicine

See a psychiatrist.: Hey call this a "fetish". A psychiatrist can give you some medications that deal with obsessive compulsive behavior and also refer you to a therapist that will concomitantly help you deal with this through cognitive behavioral therapy. One thing you have going is your youth and recognizing the problem plus your motivation to get help. Good luck.

Answered 3/23/2014



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