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Is there ways to get rid of sexual tension without masterbation or penitration?

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Dr. William Harris answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

No, sorry.: We humans are programmed to be filled with raging hormones that sometimes dominate all of our thoughts. Normal urges are extraordinarily difficult to ignore. Sure, you can go running, see a movie, or whatever; but the fact is you're still going to get home & need some relief (no matter what they're saying in church, no offense). This is a very controversial topic, so get ready for a big argument!

Answered 3/15/2016


Dr. Robert Killian answered

Specializes in General Practice

Sexual tension: Yes. But masturbation is normal and natural. There is no medical or scientific reason to deny one's self this experience. You may get some relief in your dreams.

Answered 4/1/2013



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