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What ways can a sjogrens and fibromyalgia patient benefit from weed? what ways are best to consume it? if they make it legal. i'm tired of suffering .

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Dr. Robert Kent answered

Specializes in Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine

Might not be the: Best thing for sjogrens as smoking marijuana tends to dry you out and can aggravate sjogrens symptoms. As for fibro, it can help with calming pain sensations centrally, muscle relaxation and possibly even myofascial relaxation, but the act of smoking can cause increased inflammation. Have you tried meds like Cymbalta (duloxetine) or does that aggravate your sjogrens? Best wishes and my thoughts are with you!

Answered 4/8/2016


Dr. Laurence Badgley answered

Specializes in General Practice

Various ways: Cannabis for fibromyalgia (FM) pain relief might be lotion (made by soaking cannabis in olive oil two weeks in sun & thickening w. coconut butter) massaged in. Analgesic edible butter w. high CBD's & low THC can be made from cold water hashish (legal in CA) & butter at low temperature (150-180 degrees) for 5 hours. Not for use in cooking or baking, which would psychoactivate THC.

Answered 11/11/2014



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