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Could i have a heart malformation? had a murmur on sports physical. was a preemie.

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Dr. Barton Cook answered

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Perhaps: If you have a new murmur, you may have a new heart condition. Or it may be an innocent murmur. If you were very premature, chances are you had a cardiac evaluation and an echocardiogram in the neonatal icu. If you had a heart malformation it would have been found at that time.

Answered 10/13/2016



Most likely not: Murmur bad- the significant ones, seldom remain hidden more than a few months to those with regular health care. Most murmurs picked up on sports physicals are benign flow murmurs of no significance. Since sports physicals are often very superficial, it is worth having the issue re-evaluated by someone focused on that issue alone.

Answered 10/20/2016



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