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A 33-year-old member asked:

how many people die every year from the regular flu as compared to from gunshot wounds in the u.s.?

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Dr. Kitturah Schomberg-Klaiss
Family Medicine 28 years experience
Deaths, Flu vs Guns: The CDC estimates 36,000 deaths per year due to the flu, although the exact number will vary greatly from year to year depending on the severity of the season. In 2007 (most recent data I could find), there were 31,224 gun related deaths in the US.
Dr. David Hardin
Wound care 36 years experience
Guns>flu: In 2010 the cdc saysthere were 31, 513 gun deaths in the us suicide 19, 308; homicide 11, 015; accident 600. With regaurd to influenza the cdc is much less exact indicating an average of about 26000 deaths anually.

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A member asked:

How many times per day is it necessary to burp my baby?

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Dr. Roy Benaroch
Pediatrics 27 years experience
0: "necessary" is too strong a word-- it's never "necessary." babies will do fine without burping, though it's traditional to do it. It's a nice way to put a pause in a quick meal, and might help a fussy baby feel better. But it is not something that parents should think of as crucial or necessary.
A member asked:

How many times will my baby go to the bathroom each day?

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Dr. Lisa Roberts
Pediatrics 23 years experience
Depends on the age of the child: In the early days after birth, the baby's system is just starting to work so the number of diapers is low. After about a week of age, most babies are making about 6 to 8 wet diapers per day. Many or most of those will contain stools. The stools transition from black color to bright yellow. As your baby gets older and starting taking solid foods, the frequency will decrease & color will change.
Mountlake Terrace, WA
A 30-year-old female asked:

Can multiple lipomas be treated safely w/ steroid injection. I have 50+ & don't want scars. I can live with most but many are large & uncomfortable.?

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Dr. Addagada Rao
General Surgery 56 years experience
Not really: Steroid injections will not dissolve lipomas. If you have 50+ they may not be lipomas, some times subcutaneous neurofibromas look like lipomas, you should have biopsy of one lesion to establish diagnosis, these lesions run in families other alternative see a cosmatic surgeon, for possible removal like liposuction.
Dr. Mike Bowman
Dr. Mike Bowman commented
ENT and Head and Neck Surgery 19 years experience
Liposuction can be used to address lipomas, but there is a much higher risk of recurrence than with a surgically removed lipoma.
Aug 17, 2012
A 44-year-old member asked:

How many years does it take to develop cancer from snuff?

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Dr. Gurmukh Singh
Pathology 49 years experience
Variable: The time from the start of insult to development of cancer varies with the genetics of the person, type of insult, intensity of insult etc. The sooner you quit the better.
A 46-year-old member asked:

At how many weeks into gestation is the palate completely formed?

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Dr. Mark Bornfeld
Dentistry 45 years experience
By 12th week: It depends on what you mean by "completely formed", because the mouth continues to develop after birth. But in human embryonic development, the palate develops early. The hard palate (premaxilla and palatal shelves) fuse at about week 9 gestational age, and the soft palate has fused by week 10 to 12.

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Last updated Dec 22, 2014

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