A member asked:

I have a lot of mental problems, should i see psychologist or psychiatrist?

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Any one of them: Any one of them will be a good start.

Answered 9/15/2012


Dr. Heidi Fowler answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

You can start with : Either. Usually both psychiatrists and psychologists can do comprehensive diagnostic exams. The psychologist may refer you to a psychiatrist if you need psychotropic medications ; the psychiatrist could refer you to a psychologist for talking therapy.

Answered 12/27/2013


Dr. Barbara Lavi answered

Specializes in Clinical Psychology

The main reason: To see a psychiatrist 1st would be if medication was going to be needed. If someone is severely depressed and suicidal or if someone is hallucinating of out of touch with reality, medication may be necessary right away. Psychotherapy with a psychologist would also be needed if the psychiatrist only manages medication.

Answered 5/29/2016



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