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I get day long headaches always on the right front of my skull / above my right eye. what could be the cause?

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Dr. Victoria Wang answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Possible migraine ha: How long has this been going on? If this is a chronic recurrent condition, you might have migraine headaches - which is often throbbing in nature, unilateral, assoc with light sensitivity and nausea. In any case, a recurrent headache should be evaluated by your physician.

Answered 11/15/2013


Dr. Gregory Hill answered

Specializes in Ophthalmology

Probably eyestrain: More than likely, this is is just eyestrain caused by use.Recurrent headache, however, should always be evaluated.Conditions like glaucoma should also be ruled out by an eye doctor.

Answered 7/11/2019



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