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Sickness is a natural part of life. Ideally, an illness will come along with time spent at home to recuperate. However, sometimes an illness gets in the way of everyday responsibilities like school or work. This is where a doctor's note can help ensure you have verifiable proof of the reason for your absence. Thankfully, now you can simply check in for an online doctor's visit and get the online doctor's note you need.

HealthTap gives you access to an online doctor's note from a legitimate medical provider. No time wasted in a waiting room. No high expenses just to get the note you need, and no need to leave the house. Take a closer look at why you may need an online doctor's note and how HealthTap can help.

A few reasons why you may need an online doctor's Note

We all need a doctor’s note at some point. Going to work or school when you’re sick is not just bad for you, it can also put others at risk. Staying home when you’re sick is a considerate and responsible thing to do. However, occasionally, you’re required to validate your absence with a medical excuse written by a doctor.

There are a few reasons you might need a doctor’s note, including:

  • Employment
    Employers often require a doctor’s note to excuse an absence from work. Without it, you may not be able to receive sick pay and can even risk losing your job.

  • School
    Schools and universities often require a doctor’s note to excuse an absence from class. Without it, you or your child may not be able to make up missed work and grades may suffer.

  • Caring for a loved one
    ⁠Your child or loved one is sick, and you need to miss school or work to care for them.

  • Contagious illness
    ⁠You or a family member is recovering from an infectious disease like COVID-19 and you need a clean bill of health from a medical professional in order to return to work or school.

The last thing you need when dealing with illness is the hassle required to get the doctor’s note you need. Unfortunately, obtaining a doctor's note can mean added expenses and inconveniences that some patients cannot afford. Sometimes, the feat is such a pain that some people buy a fake doctor’s note for work online. Sadly, this is a move that can get you fired from your job and land you in serious legal trouble.

We get it. You, your child, or your loved one are sick. Further, you can't suffer the repercussions of an unexcused absence. Just the same, the trip to a doctor’s office can be difficult when you're sick or unprepared for the visit. Plus, the cost can be substantial—as much as $200 to $300 without medical insurance.

You may be tempted to turn to a fake note purchased on the internet. Thankfully, HealthTap offers a perfectly legal, totally legitimate online doctor's note that is just as easy to obtain.

Get a real online doctor's note in minutes, for a fraction of the cost of an in-person visit

So, the big question is, “How do I get a real doctor’s note online?” It truly is simple, and HealthTap has the answers to this important question and more. We will show you:

  • Where to get a doctor’s note for work.

  • How to get a doctor’s note for work without going to the doctor’s office.

  • How to get a doctor’s note without insurance.

The HealthTap platform is designed to simplify access to urgent or primary care through telemedicine. Our goal has always been to give patients access to high-standard medical care that is affordable and convenient. Offering an online doctor's note is just one way we simplify getting the care and verifiable doctor's notes you need.

How to get an online doctor's note with HealthTap

The process for getting set up with HealthTap is as straightforward as possible. Take a look at how you can get an online doctor's note below.

Create a HealthTap account

Creating your HealthTap account is easy. You simply:

  1. Sign up with Google, Apple, or by email.

  2. Create a password.

  3. Pick your HealthTap membership (Subscribe for ongoing care or simply pay per visit).

  4. Fill in your personal information.

Select your visit

Once you have created your HealthTap account, you can pick the type of appointment that works for you. You can start an immediate doctor’s visit in the Urgent Care clinic, which is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. Or, you can subscribe to schedule an appointment in our Primary Care clinic at a time that works for you. Depending on your and your doctor's availability, you might be able to get a same-day Primary Care visit.

Video chat with your doctor

To interact with a HealthTap care provider during your online doctor's visit, grant us permission to speak to you via video. Most people wait about a minute for their appointment to start.

Your doctor will:

  • Assess your symptoms.

  • Recommend a treatment plan.

  • Provide an online prescription (if needed).

  • Write a doctor’s note (if they feel you should stay home from work or school).

Get your online doctor's note

A free, printable online doctor's note is included with the cost of your visit and will be saved in your HealthTap account. Simply go to your account and look for the printable document in your records.

Why do you need a doctor’s note for work or school?

Doctor’s notes provide a professional excuse for your absence from work or school. In other words, a school or employer may require a professional's statement to accept your absence as excusable. Otherwise, the absence may not be excusable. Excused absences are treated differently than those that are considered unexcused. For example, some employers hold unexcused absences against you, which could lead to termination. Likewise, a school may not allow you to submit make-up assignments for an unexcused absence.

In some cases, a doctor’s note is also required to return to work or school. For example, a note may be necessary after an injury or being diagnosed with an infectious disease. These notes are treated as a release from care and are designed to protect you, the employer, and other employees.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not recommend requiring a doctor's note for returning to work after COVID-19. However, this may be required by your employer.

Employers and schools requiring a note generally disclose doctor's note requirements when you begin working or attending class. Check with your work or school if you’re not sure if a doctor’s note is necessary to excuse sick days. Ask for the attendance policy to understand the specifics in the event you can't attend work or school.

When should you ask for a doctor’s note?

Check your employer’s or school’s policies to learn when you need a doctor’s note for work or school. Each entity can have its own set of rules when it comes to absenteeism. For example, some employers may only require a note if you miss more than one day. Just the same, some employers will only excuse an absence if a note is provided.

You may need an online doctor's note if:

  • You have to miss a full day of work or school.

  • You are tardy for class or late for your shift at work.

  • You must leave work or school early due to an illness.

  • You or a loved one has a contagious illness that would put others at risk.

  • You have been off of work due to an illness or injury but need to be released by a doctor to return.

For the most part, it is always a good idea to get an online doctor's note when you have to miss work or school. Even if your employer or school does not ask for the note, it serves as a record. If the absence is ever questioned, you will already have your note to provide.

If you’re not sure, ask for a note during your HealthTap visit—just in case. It’s free. Having a doctor’s note ready if your boss or teacher asks for one is always best.

Don’t forget, your HealthTap personal care physician is here to help. Whether your illness is minor or more serious, your doctor will help you get on the road to recovery.

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Online doctor's note frequently asked questions

Do you have to pay for an online doctor’s note?

To obtain a legitimate note from a medical professional, you do have to interact with the medical professional. Therefore, you are not necessarily paying for the doctor's note, but for the time spent interacting with the doctor. In some cases, medical insurance will cover the costs of your medical visit in whole or partially.

What type of conditions can you get a doctor’s note for?

Generally speaking, a doctor's note is obtainable if you have an illness or injury that prevents you from fulfilling responsibilities. A doctor's note does not disclose the specific diagnosis or illness due to patient privacy laws. However, the doctor will state that the condition is a legitimate reason to be absent.

The types of conditions you can get an online doctor's note for include:

  • Injuries like sprains and strained muscles.

  • Viral illnesses like an upper respiratory infection.

  • Contagious illnesses like COVID-19.

  • Pregnancy-related symptoms, such as pre-term contractions.

  • Urinary or gastrointestinal illnesses.

A doctor can refuse to offer a note. However, this usually only happens if they feel your symptoms would not interfere with your required duties. For example, a note may be refused if you sprained your ankle but have a desk job.

Can you get a doctor’s note for an injury?

Doctor's notes for an injury are especially common. Physical injury can leave you unable to safely perform duties at work or potentially cause mobility issues. Both of these issues could make it difficult to perform at work or school. As long as the injury would interfere, the online doctor will find a legitimate reason for an absence.

Can you get a doctor’s note for a diagnosed medical condition?

If the symptoms of your illness disrupt your ability to perform, you can most likely get a doctor's note. An example would be a hypertension diagnosis that causes an instance of severe dizziness and fatigue. These symptoms of the diagnosed illness could be a legitimate reason to miss work or school.

Can you get a doctor’s note for pregnancy or delivery?

Symptoms related to pregnancy may sometimes require a doctor's note. For example, if you need to miss a class in college due to severe morning sickness, this may require a note. A doctor's note may also be granted when you deliver. An employer may require a doctor's note so you can take a covered leave of absence during recovery.

Can you get a doctor’s note for remote work?

Remote workers are often held to the same attendance policies as in-office employees. Therefore, employers may require a doctor's note if you are unable to fulfill your workday at home. And, a doctor will treat the process of providing a note the same way.

In the event, you need to work from home due to an illness, discuss the option with your employer. Employer policies on remote work arrangements for employees with an illness can vary. Some may require a doctor's note before accommodating the request.

Can you get a doctor’s note for an extended period of time?

Employers and schools can have different policies when it comes to extended medical leave. For example, some employers require an extended medical leave if you will be absent for more than three days. Some schools require specific types of doctor's notes for extended absences as well.

A doctor's note may state that you cannot work or go to school for several days while you recover. However, how that note is treated by the employer or school can vary depending on the sick leave policy and state laws. Be sure to take a look at the Family Medical Leave Act and your employer's policies for specifics as an employee. For students, find out about the student absence policies at the school.

What should a doctor’s note say?

A doctor's note should include your identifying name and the date of your appointment. It will also state that you had a reason for missing work that is considered valid. The note may also include any limitations the doctor recommends. For example, if the doctor feels you need to take off for a certain period of time, this will be included.

Get the online doctor's note you need, hassle-free

Whether you need a doctor's note for school or work, HealthTap is here to help. Our services are specifically designed to make things easy when you're not well. That includes making sure you have a simple way to get an absence excused when you need to.

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