Is cocaine really dangerous to use during pregnancy?

Yes! If you're using Cocaine while you're pregnant, then so is your baby. That means that the first thing your baby experiences after they are born is drug withdrawal. Not the best way to start off life. Besides that, your baby will likely be born smaller-than-normal and is more likely to have lots of health and behavioral problems later in life.
Yes! Very, very dangerous. First, Cocaine can cause a situation where not enough blood gets to the baby, this is very bad. Also, Cocaine can make your blood pressure go very high, and pregnant women are already prone to develop high blood pressure. These are just two of the reasons Cocaine or other illicit drugs are bad for a baby.
Absolutely. I agree with the other answer to this question. In addition, the use of Cocaine during pregnancy can cause abrupt increases in the mother's blood pressure that may lead to abruption (separation) of the placenta which is life threatening to baby & mother. In missouri, Cocaine use during pregnancy is considered child abuse & mothers may be arrested upon leaving the hospital.