Related Questions

Can I get emergency contraceptive pills in case I need them?

Yes. Plan b is over the counter (women under 17 may need an rx in some states) or you can talk to your md or midwife/np about prescribing emergency contraceptives to have on hand in case you need it. However, if you are sexually active, there may be better contraceptive options available.

I had taken two emergency contraceptive pills last month on the 17 and the 29 I had to get my periods today but have not yet got it. M í pregnant?

Plan B & periods. Once Plan b has been taken there will be interference with your normal appearing menstrual period. You can run a pregnancy test to be certain that you are not pregnant.

Are emergency contraceptive pills (ecps) the same as the abortion pill?

No. Emergency contraception is basically a specific way to take birth control pills that work to prevent ovulation. Ec will not abort a pregnancy once it is established. This is why it need to be taken as soon after unprotected intercourse as possible to work.

What should I do after I take emergency contraceptive pills?

Preg test. After you take emergency contraception you should expect to see a period within a few days to a week. If not you should check a pregnancy test to make sure that you are not pregnant.