Does neomycin and polymyxin b sulfates and hydrocortisone (neomycin sulfate, polymyxin b sulfate and hydrocortisone) cure a stye I have steroid eye drops my dr. Prescribed me a few months ago. I have been trying to get an answer for 2 hours and haven't go

NO! . No! remember doctors can not diagnose over the phone or internet, but is the 'stye' you describe a painful bump in your eyelid? --if so the treatment is not a steroid (so no hydrocortisone) a stye is a 'blocked gland' in your eyelid (it's a mechanical problem) the general treatment is: -warm compressess -anti-biotic eye drop or ointment and if not improved : a small surgical procedure by an ophthomologist hope you're better soon.
Overdue. If you haven't had one for ten years you're overdue even if you haven't had a cuts.
Eye drops. Usually twice or three times a day depending on the drop ( antibiotic).
Acne of forehead. What are you using on your hair? If you are using an oil based shampoo or pomade, it can cause an oil induced acne.Best treatment is to avoid these materials.
Pregnant yes or no. You may have a urinary infection or you may be in early pregnancy.Get to a doctor for conformation of one or the other.
Pregnant to soon. Theoretically it could be a problem your uterine muscles have been weakened by your csection being pregnant so soon may put added stress on those uterine muscles. Talk it over with your obstetrician. If you are pregnant again i'm sure he will want to monitor you closely.
Vertigo revisited. You may be nauseous due to the Prednisone rather than the vertigo. Discuss it with your physician.
Umpteen wart cures. Another treatment is using duct tape soak your wart for 5 minutes in warm water , then apply duct tape. Leave on for several days. With a pumice stone or emery board scrap away the dead tissue. Repeat procedure until wart is gone. It should take about a month to get rid of.
Wrong disease. The medication you are describing are more fitting for swimmers ear or otitis external rather than a style.
You . You should never use a steroid preparation in or near the eye without first seeing an ophthalmologist. They can cause serious complications. Use warm compresses and if this does not help, seek the care of an ophthalmologist.
Definition . Definition of a stye is a collection of meibom (greasy portion of the tear) from the blockage of meibomian gland on your eye lid. The stye is often complicated by an infection which results in tenderness. If your stye is infected, then you can use an antibiotic or antibiotic/steroid combination. However, that is not a cure for a stye. It merely controls the infection and the inflammation. The cure for a stye is application of a warm compress for about 1 hour a day. This is not easy to do but highly effective.