Will lifting weights help get rid of an indented sternum?

Sorry but no. Your sternum is where your chest muscles (pectorals) attach but there's no muscle there per se to increase w/exercise. If the appearance really bothers you, talk to a thoracic surgeon but unless it's causing you medical problems, it's unlikely s/he will recommend any surgery, and even less likely that insurance will cover this cosmetic procedure.Try to focus on all your other accomplishments!

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Will lifting weights help get rid of my indented sternum [pectus]?

Pectus & exercise. It is not likely that working out will significantly improve pectus excavatum. However, exercise is very beneficial for improving your health and lung function. In mild cases of pectus, developing pectoralis muscles will help cover-up the caved-in deformity of the sternum caused by the pectus excavatum. Read more...

Can lifting weights help get rid of my indented sternum [hole in chest]?

No. You have no muscle over your sternum. Building up muscle on each side will accentuate a defect, not hide it. Talk to your doctor about medical or surgical options. Read more...