Is there a medical cure for clostridium difficile?

Yes..a few options.. Most cases of c. Dif colitis can be treated by oral/iv metronidazole, oral vanocomycin, and maybe add of Cholestyramine resins. Newer agent Dificid (fidaxomicin) is effective, but $$$. Bacitracin has some use, but not standard of care. For persistent/recurrent cases after treatments with above, a stool-transplant (yes, stool transplant--u read it right) can be done. Consult your doc..Good luck.
Yes, more antibiotic. Presumably, you're referring to c difficile colitis. First, stop the offending antibiotic. Second, if that isn't enough, consider oral metronidazole. Third, if that's not enough, move on to oral vancomycin. Check out http://www.Mayoclinic.Com/health/c-difficile/ds00736/dsection=treatments-and-drugs and if all else fails, consider fecal transplant! probiotics are worth a try, too!
Antibiotics. A proper course of antibiotics, such as Flagyl or vancomycin should eradicate it. But there are resistant strains out there. I'm also seeing more and more cases where it recurs after stopping the antibiotics. Increasingly problematic condition.