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Can scrotal trauma cause the cremaster muscle to swell & become inflammed which can b felt as groin pain&can it swell and compress ilioinguinal nerve?

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Get seen: I admire your thinking and proactive approach. If i had a testicular injury, i'd get right to a urologist for exam and imaging. The other contents of the scrotum are much more likely to enlarge after trauma rather than the cremaster. You're right about structures getting compresed in this setting. I'm betting you have a hematocele (photo).

Answered 5/27/2015


Dr. Mark Dickson answered

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Yes: Yes it can. It will usually worsen the first 2 days after the trauma, then start to improve. Scrotal support, ice and NSAID's such as ibuprofen can help. If it gets worse, see your doctor. One big concern is testicular torsion, though. This would need to be evaluated and treated emergently if present. See a doctor now if you are concerned about torsion.

Answered 5/28/2015



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