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I have pain in the ureathra with no signs of infection, except when i have a bowel movement. i also have pain in my testicles on a daily basis.

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See below: Assuming infection has been ruled out with appropriate tests (U/A, urine culture, STD screen for chlamydia and GC), your symptoms are most consistent with what is commonly referred to as a non-specific, non-bacterial prostatitis which is a non-infectious inflammation of the prostate. Treatment options include stress reduction, diet modification, sits baths, prostate massage, and a variety of meds.

Answered 11/28/2017


Dr. Bernard Seif answered

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Urethra & Testicle: pain. In addition to the earlier good advice a HT doc gave you, consider seeing a urologist or neurologist. You MAY have pudendal neuralgia, a type of nerve pain from the nerves that move through the area between the legs called the perineum. Bike riding MAY be a trigger. Peace and good health.

Answered 2/16/2017



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