Dr. William Harris

Family Medicine
Tumwater, WA
32 years experience male


Littlerock Family Medicine / Urgent Care South

Tumwater, WA


6981 Littlerock Rd SW, Suite #101, Tumwater, WA

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Saturday: 4:30pm - 9:00pm
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Dr. Harris completed his MD training at Texas A&M University & his Family Medicine residency at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Family Practice & is a member of the American Medical Association. Dr. Harris practiced Family Medicine in the Aberdeen, Washington area for 14 years prior to moving to Olympia, Washington in 2004. He has a special interest in the full spectrum of the human condition from urologic concerns to migraine headache; newborn care to urgent care issues; or from allergies to chronic pain. His philosophy of treating patients includes listening to the complete details to most clearly define a patient's problem(s); & then offering a spectrum of treatment options that most closely fit the patient's comfort level.

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Family Medicine, Board Certified

Occupational Medicine

Pain Management

Urgent Care

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A 30-year-old male asked:
Dr. William Harris
32 years experience Family Medicine
No: Just wearing glasses will not worsen your vision. You may need to investigate the real cause of your blurry vision. For instance, if you have a new-on ... Read More
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A female asked:
Dr. William Harris
32 years experience Family Medicine
Possibly: If you have a bulging disk that is pressing on a nerve down your left leg, it is possible that this same process could extend around to the other side ... Read More
A 45-year-old female asked:
Dr. William Harris
32 years experience Family Medicine
Maybe: Runners may have diaphragm spasms, but those go away in a short time. If your symptoms are truly ongoing for 2 months, it is worth a look. Draw blood ... Read More
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Jan 8, 2013
Dr. Harris is a welcomed addition to the Avvo community. He provides detailed, compassionate and insightful answers to complicated patient questions. I heartily endorse Dr. Harris.
Jan 8, 2013
I would like to welcome Dr. Harris to AVVO.COM. Although I have just begun reading his responses, they are outstanding. His input is thorough, accurate and shows common sense.
Dr. Harris is a great family doc who helps people in his practice and online and on mobile through HealthTap! Thanks Kirk for all you do to help others.
HealthTap member
the pharmacists felt like this was an OK dose but it seemed like a lot of medication to me! she does know how to take pills, yet i was not the one to take her to the doctor or get the script filled!
HealthTap member
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer! It is the only medication that has actually worked for me. I just hate the side effects. However, I would rather live with side effects than RLS!
HealthTap member
Thank you, your answer or tip was very helpful! How long does it take for the sun damaged skin to turn back in an african AMERICA . It has been 9 months. Little dots of the change is occur

Education & Training

Medical/Graduate school

Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine
Graduated 1988MD


Texas Tech University Health System


25 Year Member Award, American Medical Association


American Medical Association
American Academy of Family Physicians
American Board of Family Medicine
90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions, provide medical advice, write prescriptions, and more.
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