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Whats going on? okay so last tuesday i took a pregnancy test and it said positive so i stopped taking my birth control and yesterday after sex i was in a lot of pain and was spotting and i today i descovered blood clots in my urine.. i really don't know

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You : You should definitely give your doctor a call as soon as possible. 20-30% of women will have some vaginal bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy. First trimester bleeding can have many causes such as: threatened miscarriage - bleeding, but the fetus is still alive inside miscarriage - lost pregnancy ectopic pregnancy - a pregnancy which implants in the fallopian tube molar pregnancy - abnormal tissue developing instead of a fetus post-coital bleeding - bleeding after sex from a sensitive cervix trauma or infection unrelated to pregnancy - small cuts or tears in the vagina or an infection such as pelvic inflammatory disease since some of these can be dangerous and since vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is always considered abnormal, you should call you ob/gyne doctor for any bleeding. They will be able to check you and treat you appropriately. Good luck!

Answered 1/4/2019



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