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A 36-year-old member asked:

Can bone problems cause elevated liver enzymes?

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Dr. Gurmukh Singh
Pathology 50 years experience
Shared enzyme: Alkaline phosphatase is elevated in both bone and liver disorders, though it is possible to ascertain the source of the enzyme. After that it depends on the type of bone disease.

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New Castle, PA
A 42-year-old male asked:

Does elevated liver enzymes cause you to be tired all the time?

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Dr. Robert Stuart
A Verified Doctoranswered
46 years experience
No: Elevated liver enzymes means your liver is undergoing damage. That doesn't usually cause fatigue although the underlying condition causing the damage may also cause your fatigue. For example some kind of hepatitis, too much alcohol, etc. You should discuss this with your doctor, and if not already done get tested for viral hepatitis, esp. Hepatitis c.
A 27-year-old member asked:

What can cause elevated liver enzymes and when should I worry?

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Dr. Luis Villaplana
Internal Medicine 36 years experience
Alcohol, meds, infxn: And early onset diabetes can all cause liver enzyme elevation as well as metastatic cancer. You need to worry when in the hundreds/thousands.
A 45-year-old member asked:

What causes "elevated liver enzymes"?

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Dr. Joseph Sucher
Trauma Surgery 27 years experience
Too Many: There are simply a multitude of causes that can cause "elevated liver enzymes". Seek professional advice from a gastroenterologist or "liver specialist".
Moulton, TX
A 25-year-old female asked:

What can cause elevated liver enzymes?

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Dr. Gerald Mandell
Nuclear Medicine 53 years experience
Many things: Elevated liver enzymes can be caused by inflammattion and infection (hepatiitis), trauma to liver, medications toxic to liver, alcohol, fatty liver, cirrhosis, liver cancer etc.
A 46-year-old member asked:

Elevated liver enzymes. What can cause this and what does it mean?

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Dr. Peter Wiernik
Hematology and Oncology 57 years experience
Many causes.: Hepatitis, cancer, medicines, some hereditary conditions to name a few. However, it definitely needs follow-up. You need to see an internist for a proper evaluation.

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