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My addiction dr. says that adderall cuts the efficacy of suboxone by 50 percent whereas ritalin (methylphenidate) doesn't. is this true?

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Suboxone/ stimulants: My practice has a Suboxone program. A search of drug interactions reveals no big issues with either Ritalin (methylphenidate) or adderall. However, there are patients who become overstimulated with stimulants and suboxone. I have seen this myself. If your physician has extensive experience with suboxone, he or she may have noted that Adderall seems to reduce efficacy even if not reported in med literature.

Answered 2/8/2017


Dr. Brian Lynch answered

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Adderall (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine) : My take would be i would ask you which works better. I have a number of patients on both stimulants and Suboxone and in general not much trouble. The stimulant use has gotten out of hand a few times . But again what is your experience? Treatment has to be individualized. I have not heard this idea of your doctors . They may have some research to back it up.

Answered 2/18/2015



Not sure: Frankly im not sure that there is any direct relationship between any of these drugs.

Answered 4/20/2014



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