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Adult asthma. on qvar. mainly short of breath when i walk up stairs , exercise. i do have allergies. worried about side effects of med.

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Dr. Marsha Davis answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Not med: If the only time you have shortness of breath is when you walk up a flight of stairs, and not when exercising, and it resolves right away and is not associated with pain or coughing , i would presume you are still out of shape. It certainly is not the med( i was a pharmacist for20 years too), and does not sound like asthma or heart.

Answered 11/19/2013


Dr. Thomas Namey answered

Specializes in Rheumatology

However, 100% of: 100% of people with allergies have excercised induced asthma! usually a dry- hacky cough also occurs with the breath shortness. But being deconditioned worsens eia, since your preceived exertion occurs at a lower level. No one should be incapacitated by it!

Answered 6/12/2013



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