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I started getting white coat hypertension a couple of visits ago. will i be back to normal someday?

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Dr. Thomas Byrnes answered

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After you leave DR.: By definition, you should be fine as soon as you get out of the doctors office. Get a home BP machine to check it at home and keep track so the doctor can have a documented reason not to treat BP that is high only in the doctors office, .

Answered 5/14/2019



High BP at the doc's: White coat hypertension (wch) is a term for high BP readings that are confined to clinical settings. If BP out of the office is normal on home BP readings or ambulatory BP monitoring, wch carries no risk of complications other than those arising from inappropriate treatment of office readings. It is not associated with anxiety and although it may go away, in my experience, wch usually persists.

Answered 6/10/2014



See below: You've taken the first step by acknowledging your difficulty. Psychologically the next step would be to identify your fears specifically and then confront them rationally careful to remove our tendency to catastrophize. Let your doctors know of your fear so they can help.

Answered 3/6/2019



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