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Hi my one month old baby is feeling stomach ache and his stool is yellowish whats the best medication he can take i also breast feed and give him nutri baby formula milk?

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First ask your pediatrician for help. Then, have your baby evaluated by a pediatric dentist who is skilled in tongue & lip tie releases; usually with a laser. If your baby is lip &/or tongue tied, it can inhibit proper lip seal which allows gas in it’s tummy called Aerophagia. Gut biome is also affected causing discoloration in stool. Read SOS for TOTs by Dr. Larry Kotlow. Take care

Answered 12/14/2021


Dr. Christine Hom answered

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If you can, transition baby to all breastfeeding. Breastfed babies have soft, loose stools, more so than formula fed babies. If baby is crying nonstop or vomiting, and distressed, please bring to your pediatrician for evaluation.

Answered 12/21/2021



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