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One week of continuous left side chest pain, left side neck and back pain. some tingling effect on left hand fingures. is it the sign of some heart problem ? normal ct angiography 2 years ago. age 40, normal bp, no diabetes and okay lipid profile?

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Dr. Reyes Cuevas answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Why did you have the CT angio initially? This is somewhat concerning for dissection and if you're able to access emergency care please do so, especially if you have some risk factor or predisposition for aneurysm or dissection. The normal BP is reassuring, but is that in general or recently?

Answered 6/26/2021


Dr. Elden Rand answered

Specializes in Cardiology

Continuous pattern for over 7 days does not sound consistent with acute coronary artery ischemic (blockage) pain. Need to be concerned of pain from aorta, could be nerve compression, or a muscle problem. Go in and get checked out by a physician.

Answered 6/28/2021



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